The Brighton Jetty Classic has always been a community fundraiser.

Initially developed for the Brighton Surf Life Saving Club to fund the replacement of the original clubrooms and facilities, the Channel 7 BJC continues to provide much needed funds for ongoing youth development and training, lifesaving operations and education, and beach protection to better serve our beach loving community.

The Channel 7 Brighton Jetty Classic has partnered with numerous charities over the years, with swimmers raising additional funds for some fantastic causes. 11 years ago, one of our members, Robyn Parsons, suggested that we could help generate a lot more donations for Sarah Tinney and her team if they dressed like.......and so the Marilyns were conceived. The Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club now dedicates its support to the Channel 7 Brighton Jetty Classic swimmers and the Marilyns Swim, ensuring an exciting and safe day is had by all.